The 2016 Packers will need to bear a closer resemblance to the 2014 Packers and not the 2015 version.Darren McFadden Jersey. Here’s five players who must improve this year.Andre Williams Jersey. And we can’t forget that Thompson went out and picked up one more offensive lineman,Julius Peppers Jersey, Kyle Murphy,Stephen Hill Jersey, a teammate of Martinez at Stanford.Jacoby Brissett Jersey. All of these players could have their own effect on the team’s 2016 success — if they all make the roster.Thomas Rawls Jersey. While that’s not likely,DeAngelo Williams Jersey, Thompson has once again provided options for coaches and players who could help the Packers to another run at a Super Bowl.Adam Jones Jersey And what about Clark and Martinez?Cardinals Store? We feel they are better players whose impact is being downplayed by NFL.Denver Broncos Of course there isn’t really any way to determine how a player will impact. Consider Tom Brady. Nobody ever thought he would contribute. Well, we all know that story. Is there a Tom Brady on the Packers roster right now?